My Top Plant Based Milks

My Top Plant Based Milks

I’m sure many of you can already name at least a couple plant based milks, particularly the highly popular and trending ones. However, I am going to share with you some of my favourites and what I like about them! First things first I would like to note that if you have a high speed […]

My Top Pantry Staples

This may seem like a hefty list, but these are the things that I tend to keep in my pantry at all times. GRAINS Oats – If you have seen my recipe videos, read some of my posts or follow me on instagram, you will know my love for oats. It’s so versatile, so convenient, so filling […]

My Top Smoothie Bars in Vancouver

I recently wrote a post about my top JUICE bars in Vancouver, I am back with my top SMOOTHIE bars in Vancouver! Again, there are probably even more places you can get smoothies around the city but here are some of my favourites. Keep in mind my favourite juice bars also offer smoothies which are […]

My Top Juice Bars in Vancouver

Here are just a few of the many, and do mean many places in Vancouver that you can get your hands on a refreshing juice. There are still many places I have yet to try but here are my favourites thus far. All of the following focus mainly on juices, offering both cold-pressed juices AND […]

My Top 10 Smoothie Thickeners

I often get asked how my smoothies are so thick and creamy. So, I have created a list of smoothie thickeners that you can add and experiment with in your next smoothie! There are so many different smoothie combinations and everyone has their own preferences and tastes, so just play around with the ingredients and combinations. […]

My top smoothie ingredients!

FRUITS Banana – I mean obviously this has to make the list, not only is it sweet and delicious but it thickens up smoothies and makes it super filling. (I am so sincerely sorry for those who are allergic or hates bananas.) Learn more about bananas HERE! Berries – My favourites are blueberries, strawberries or […]