Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle

If you read my story, you would’ve learned that my transition to a vegan lifestyle was extremely quick. It was an overnight transition… after much research of course. Before I dive right in, I would like to note this is from my own personal experience. This is what I did when I first began my journey and […]


Is there anything that I miss eating since being a vegan? I honestly do not miss anything in particular. Sometimes I think about how much easier and simpler it would be to be able to just go anywhere and eat anything , but then I go back to thinking about the animals and the consequences […]

Additional Resources

So, you are intrigued and itching to learn more, this is so great! I am so proud of you! All I hope for, is for you to be open-minded, loosen up your blinders, and just let the information sink in. Here are some resources to get you started! VIDEOS/DOCUMENTARIES You can find these videos either on […]

My Story

I had a pretty normal childhood. My parents exposed us to a variety of different foods. Being originally from Hong Kong, our meals (particularly dinner) would compose of rice, veggies, and meat, especially lots of fish. Yes, we also ate junk food and some unhealthy foods but it did not comprise much of our diet. I […]