Why hello there!

My name is Pauline and I created this space to to share my journey and experiences on a plant based lifestyle. I became vegan May 2014 and it has completely changed my life.

I aim to create an impact by continually being inspired as well as inspiring others. I am motivated to help others better themselves particularly by living a healthy, balanced, and holistic lifestyle. I believe in a positive and supportive community that strives to achieve the goal of making the society and the world a better place.

For this space in particular, I want it to be different. I do not want it to just be another food blog, another recipes site, or a page that shoves ads or self branding in your face. Thus, I want the site itself to represent what I believe in: foods that are simple, wholesome and plant based. The foods around us are so beautiful, so colourful and so delicious in its original natural form. As a result, my goal is to showcase that and to make you drool just a little bit ;).

So, a little more about me…


I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

I feel best when I eat mostly raw, eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe in eating fresh, natural, and whole foods to optimally fuel our bodies. I aim to eat as locally, seasonally and organically as possible because this allows us to be more in tune with our surroundings and our environment.

I am in constant pursuit of personal development, always searching for opportunities to challenge myself and be the best earthling I can be. So thank you for being here. It means so much to me and I greatly appreciate it.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or just anything else you would like to share with me, I would love hear your stories, experiences and get to know you!

Feel free to check out the frequently asked questions page to learn more about my lifestyle!

Here is my disclaimers page as well.


Sending you lots of love,