My Top Plant Based Milks

I’m sure many of you can already name at least a couple plant based milks, particularly the highly popular and trending ones. However, I am going to share with you some of my favourites and what I like about them!

First things first I would like to note that if you have a high speed blender, making plant based milks at home is honestly one of the easiest things. It does require a little bit of time and effort. It may also require you to be slightly creative with the resulting pulp you get, but that is for another post. Nevertheless, for those who are deprived from a high speed blender, or simply cannot be bothered to make homemade milk, I am pleased to tell you there are SO many plant based milks popping up everywhere. With so many more options and flavours, there are bound to be at least one that may interest you.

Alright, let’s get on with it:


Surprise surprise, I know most of you could’ve guessed this would make it on the list. Almond milk is definitely one you want to make at home, OR find a good quality almond milk. Preferably one that is made locally, is organic, have not been pasteurized, is raw and are free from all the unnecessary thickeners, flavours and refined sugars.

Why is it one of my favourites? Well, not only does it taste amazing just on its own without any added sweeteners or flavours, but almonds are high in protein, is a good source of vitamin B7, vitamin E, and manganese. They also contain healthy fats, and provide various health benefits that you can read HERE!


Cashews are definitely one of my favourite nuts. So naturally, cashew milk made it on the list. It’s quite mild, creamy, with a hint of sweetness. As with all nuts, it is important to soak them for at least 6-8 hours, preferably overnight to rid of all the phytic acid that makes it harder for us to digest.

Cashews have a much lower fat content than many other nuts. The fat that it does contain are monounsaturated fats which are heart-healthy fats, helping to reduce high triglyceride levels (which have been found to be associated with heart disease). Other health benefits include antioxidant defenses, energy production, and bone support!


I’ve been making a lot of pumpkin seed milk recently, because I acquired a whole lot of pumpkin seeds. Again this is another great plant based milk option, especially for those who may have nut allergies, or just want something a little bit different. It does have more of a ‘nutty’ taste but still quite mild. Adding a medjool date or two, or even some vanilla can instantly take it to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Pumpkin seeds are great because they are a great source of manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper. They also provide us with protein and healthy fats, as well as giving us anti-fungal and anti-viral benefits. Learn more about pumpkins seeds HERE!


Definitely one of the creamier plant based milks out there. It is also incredibly delicious and nutritious. Because it is creamier and slightly thicker it can be used for so many recipes. Some of my favourites include coconut curries or used to make vegan ice cream. Literally cannot tell a difference that my entire meat-eating family approves. It also can give a hint of that coconut flavour which may or may not interest you.

For most of us, getting our hands on fresh coconut is not so easy, especially if you’re like me and you live quite a ways away from the tropics. As a result, it is overall much cheaper to buy coconut milk in the carton or can. It is important to check the ingredient list and make sure it does not contain any unnecessary additives, preservatives, sugars and other flavourings. It is super easy to add it yourself if needed!


I actually tried this for the first time the other day and WOW I was shocked. It literally blew my mind. It tasted amazing and is not anything you would think it would be. I tried the So Fresh unsweetened original flavour, but I am sure I will start making my own oat milk soon.

What I love about using oats to make a plant based milk is that not only is it nutritious, it is definitely one of the cheaper options. Oats in general is on the inexpensive side, so for those who may be on a budget, this is a great alternative. It is also a great alternative for those who may have allergies to nuts and seeds. I have written all about oats HERE!


There you have it, a short but sweet list of some of my favourite plant based milks! What are some of your favourites? Are there some you want to try next? On my list to try is sunflower seed and walnut milk, sounds different and intriguingly delicious to me. I’ve also tried hemp and rice before, but I feel I need to try them a few more times to give an opinion.

Happy drinking! 😉



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