Will I be vegan forever?

I had no idea about the immense impact it would have on my life when I first became vegan. It was initially for health reasons. (Read about my story hereHowever, the more I learn and educate myself on everything surrounding veganism and being a vegan, the stronger and more passionate I feel about it and have become.

This coming May will be my four year anniversary. Over this four year time, I have learned more than I thought I could, regarding this lifestyle and this topic and yet the journey and the learning continues. We and our bodies are always changing, so the way we live, the way and what we eat, our daily routines should also change as well.

I entered the world of eating a plant-based vegan lifestyle to heal my body and to improve my health. I had no plan or trajectory as to how long I will follow this lifestyle. In all honestly, the answer to the question “Will I be vegan forever” is still very much uncertain. However, as of right this moment, my answer is YES! From all that I know about the cruelty to animals, the huge impact it has on the environment, the negative and controversial influences that it has to our body for consuming animal products; how can one know all that information and yet still choose to be naive and be unaffected by the ramifications and repercussions of the fact. I understand when life gets in the way, among many other excuses that have been used; but when there is a will, there is a way!

I was asked the other day whether I would get angry when someone opposes the way of veganism. I would be lying if I said it would not affect me. However, I would more so feel empathy than anger. For the most part, people who strongly oppose and voice these opinions are either in denial and are ignorant about it all or are simply uneducated and misinformed. Perhaps this is just me having a more optimistic perspective, but before I was educated in this topic, I really had a minimal and limited notion of what even veganism is, so I totally get it.

Going back to the question at hand, I would like to think that I will be vegan forever. The thought of even consuming meat, drinking animal milk, eating cheese or eggs makes me sick, which brings me to a story I would like to share.

I recently was offered a life-changing opportunity that would completely satisfy my desire for travelling, learning more about photography, being in a vastly remote yet stunning place and allowing for self growth. Unfortunately, I had to turn down this opportunity, not because of the high costs, not because of the timing, not because of other typical reasons one might think, but because of my preferences and my vegan lifestyle, which apparently cannot be catered to. I have always known that the way I live my life, have and will bring forth some obstacles and sacrifices, but I never knew that it would be the sole reason I would have to deter from such an amazing opportunity. It was the first time I truly second guessed my decision of living this way and I was devastated. Devastated not only because of the rejection, but the fact that I had second guessed and wavered around my own beliefs and my morals; even considering going against them just for the purpose of this opportunity.

Everything happens for a reason. At the end of the day, I do believe I was not meant to experience this particular opportunity and that there will be many other things for me to experience that will be amazing in its own way. It was through this particular experience that made me realize just how being vegan and living this lifestyle have changed me and my life. And for that, I am proud and will continually be proud to be vegan and will continue to educate others of veganism and living a healthier, plant-based life.

Although the specific foods and dishes I consume may alter (e.g. from being fully raw, eating a high carb low fat diet to eating a cooked macro diet). It will always be on the spectrum of being vegan and plant-based, free of any animal products and by-products. This isn’t something that I have just adopted into my daily life and in my diet, but have become a part of who I am and I do not foresee me deterring from that anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Will I be vegan forever?

  1. Great post. Sorry to hear about your missed opportunity; I have often wondered if being too “out” as a vegan might be a deterrent for a prospective employer or create challenges when moving to new places. Sad to hear this happened. In the end I think you are right though- it is worth it!


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