2017 Favourites

This year legitimately flew by. No words can describe how wonderful this year was, despite all the unfortunate and negative things that also occurred, I choose to see the positives and personally it was a all-in-all good year. I am so grateful for the amount of places I was able to visit, friends and family I got to see and spend time with, things that I have learned about myself and about life. We are always changing and maturing and I am very much looking forward to learning some more and become the best self I can be.

Before we head into 2018 I would like to summarize and share with you some of my favourites of the year! Everything from products, foods, places, and more, I hope you enjoy.


  • Adobe Lightroom – Okay, yes I may be very late to the party. I have always used Photoshop in the past, but this year I finally got into Lightroom. It is very easy to work in large batches of photos, and it is less complicated and much more user-friendly.
  • Duolingo – I love duolingo in particular because of its oral option, forcing you to practice the phrases and words out loud helping you to retain it a little better. I also really enjoy the variety of the phrases that it teaches you and tests you on; always keeping you alert and learning even more.
  • Memrise – Although it can get stressful, I love the speed review portion of the app. I also love the classic review because of its repetition, allowing you to really retain and remember the specific words and phrases.
    • I personally love using both these apps simultaneously because I like different aspects of both. Just in case you’re curious, I am learning both Japanese and Spanish, however there are plenty more other languages you can learn so I highly suggest checking these apps out.


  • Jackfruit – This may be kinda random, but I fell in love with jackfruit this year. I have only had it a few times in my life before but this November I went to Asia and had so much of it! It was so fresh, sweet and juicy. I wish I was able to get it here in Vancouver, because I really want to try cooking with it! One day…
  • Go Raw Snacks – Every time I was in the states and at a Whole Foods, I would search for these raw snacks. My favourite is the Choco Crunch Sprouted Cookies. Although they are a little on the pricey side, you know that you are consuming good quality healthy ingredients and it definitely hits that sweet spot.
  • Mary’s Organic Crackers – Such a great snack to munch on, or to dip with some homemade hummus or guacamole. I love the original seed cracker but they came out with a super seed cracker which is also delicious!


  • E.l.f. Cosmetics – Did you know elf cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan? I love that it is also very inexpensive and can be found in drugstores. (Usually a quite difficult thing in Canada). I just love their lip products, especially the matte lip colours!
  • Patagonia – Again, probably very late to the party but I absolutely love that Patagonia focuses on so much on sustainability and being environmentally friendly. I love my Better Sweater Fleece Jacket.
  • Saje –  It is the first time I have used essential oils on a daily basis. I bought the Pocket Pharmacy from Saje and it literally was a lifesaver. It is the perfect size for travelling and on the go, making my flight journeys that much more bearable. I also recently caught a cold and the immune blend in the kit worked wonders. However, my favourite is definitely the Peppermint Halo.


  • Elfin Lakes, British Columbia – I knew it was going to be an amazing place, but it most definitely exceeded my expectations. Going to sleep with a 180 degree view of the stars and waking up to such a beautiful mountain landscape made the pain of the hike well worth it.
  • The Coastal stretch between Yachats to Newport, Oregon – The drive was absolutely stunning. One stop in particular: Thor’s Well in Cape Perpetua, a very famous yet dangerous place. When the conditions are right, you can see a very cool natural feature of a what seems like a bottomless sinkhole. Watching it was incredibly exhilarating.
  • Redwood National Park, California – I will never forget the life of the forest; the energy and the groundedness I felt even though my time spent there was limited. It was probably the happiest and most energizing part of my solo road trip home.
  • Kyoto, Japan – What a magical and beautiful city; rich of culture, energy, and natural sights. I went in November when the colours are at its peak and it really was incredible.


  • Dehydrator – I didn’t think I would love anything as much as my Vitamix blender, but I may be wrong. This little gadget is such a gem that even my dad uses it more than I do. Although it is a little bulky in size, it is totally worth the room that it takes. There are endless of different recipes and snacks you can make. I mean just try googling dehydrated recipes, you would be surprised at the amount of things you can make.
  • GoPro – I have the Hero Black 5 and it was super fun experimenting and playing with it throughout the year. My favourite was using it to take time lapses so I still have my camera free to take other single shots. Additionally, taking it during water activities and other action activities such as rides at amusement parks made it even more fun. Nothing like being able to capture special moments that otherwise would probably have been missed without having a GoPro.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – You don’t even know how frustrating it is to have to untangle wired earbuds all the time. Having bluetooth wireless headphones made life just that much easier and I highly recommend getting them.


  • Albums
    • Chris Brown – Heartbreak on a Fullmoon
    • Ed Sheeran – Divide
    • John Mayer – The Search for Everything
    • Superfruit – Future Friends
  • Films
    • Born In China
    • The Big Sick
    • The Boss Baby
  • TV Shows
    • Abstract: The Art of Design
    • Stranger Things
    • World of Dance

What are some of your favourite things of 2017?

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