Gift Giving Guide (2017)

Another year, another gift giving guide! Yes, I posted a guide last year, but I really enjoyed creating it so I wanted to do it again with some new suggestions. Feel free to check out my post from last year as many of the things I recommended very much still applies.

I have curated a list of things that any eco-friendly, health conscious, foodie, vegan individual would definitely enjoy. I know I would love to receive any of these if I do not already own it .


The Herbivore Clothing Company – Based in Portland Oregon, this completely vegan company makes and sells cruelty-free clothing, cookbooks, wallets, belts, bags, jewelry, and more! Lots of options to choose from!

Xero Shoes – Focusing on light-weight, natural, vegan shoes made to give your feet freedom and breathability. I own a pair of the Z-Trail sandals and they are amazing, I love them. Read the reviews on their site if you’re still not convinced.

Hoodlamb – This company is from Amsterdam and makes 100% cruelty-free outerwear that uses natural hemp and organic cotton. Yes, it may be a little pricey, but most warm outerwear are not cheap. Besides, it is well worth every penny if you know no animals were harmed in the making!


Saje – A local, Canadian owned company that is 100% natural and plant-derived, and are also ethically responsible and sustainable. They focus primarily on essential oils, but also offer other skin care, body care and other home products. They offer many awesome kits that are great for gifts.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. – Another Canadian company based in Canmore Alberta. They are known for their toxin-free movement, creating products that are eco-friendly, natural and high quality. As the name suggests, they focus mainly on soap, however they have expanded to a variety of other products ranging from face, body and hair care, as well as other wellness products such as essential oils, sprays, salts, candles and more.


To-Go Ware – I am all for reusable, sustainable utensils. These awesome bamboo utensil sets are such a great gift no matter if the recipient is a traveller or not.

Dehydrator – Definitely a must have kitchen gadget, especially for those foodies and chefs. It is such a great tool to make healthy snacks for the whole family. I personally have the 4-tray excalibur dehydrator. It is a great size for those just starting out, but if you were planning on make bigger batches more often, I would suggest a larger size for sure.

Seed Sprouter Tray or Jar – There are specific seed sprouting trays or jars you can purchase, or you can definitely DIY and make your own. Again this is a great gift idea for those foodies and chefs. You can sprout things like alfalfa, broccoli, mung beans, basil, buckwheat, lentils, peas, quinoa and more!


Thrive Magazine – Every time I flip through this magazine, I immediately start drooling. So many creative and talented individuals out there it is pretty ridiculous. Either get this month’s version or gift a 1-year subscription! They offer print or digital options as well which is great and eco-friendly.

Vegan Cuts – They offer monthly boxes that you can order and subscribe to; from a snack,  beauty, to a makeup box. It is such a great way to introduce and be exposed to many new products and companies that are cruelty-free.


I hope this gave you some ideas or some inspiration for things you would like on your own wishlist, or things that you can possibly give this year! Let me know what other things are on your wishlist.



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