I am beyond excited to share something with you this week. This is in conjunction of a little event that is happening over on instagram.

WHAT: #VancityVirtualPotluck is an online social event that aims to connect inspirational, passionate, extremely talented and amazing earthlings together over some delicious food porn.  (Yes all those adjectives were necessary)

WHEN: This second virtual potluck was hosted on April 26th at 4pm!

WHY: As Piquant Marketing (the organizers of this event) puts it: it is “a way for us to express and celebrate our passions… to meet more people who are doing cool things with food and health and get inspired”. Also it is just fun, and free!

WHO: Any Vancouver food bloggers, instagrammers, and food companies who wants to get involved and take part. This time around, there were over 70 instagrammers who signed up, with over 30 that are vegan!

So you missed out on the fun this time… BUT that doesn’t mean you still can’t be involved. Search the hashtag #VancityVirtualPotluck on instagram and see all the amazing and delicious posts that were shared. Double tap and or comment on your favourites, and best of all, find some new influential people or brands to follow and connect with! So please, come join in on all the fun and share our love for food with us.

I may be biased, but Vancouver is legitimately the best and most beautiful city. I cannot be more proud of all that we offer and all the cool and wonderful creators we have in the city. Shoutout to all you lovely people!

For more information and be a part of the next potluck or any future events: visit http://www.piquantmarketing.com/vancity-virtual-potluck

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