My Top Pantry Staples

This may seem like a hefty list, but these are the things that I tend to keep in my pantry at all times.


Oats – If you have seen my recipe videos, read some of my posts or follow me on instagram, you will know my love for oats. It’s so versatile, so convenient, so filling and just delicious. I usually have both rolled and quick oats.

Buckwheat – My love for buckwheat continues to grow. It provides that extra crunch and texture you don’t get with other grains such as oats. I normally buy raw buckwheat groats which I can blend to make buckwheat flour.  Otherwise their unique shape makes for a pretty topping.

Quinoa – Such a nutritious grain that is also so versatile. Make a big batch and keep it in the fridge. Use it to make buddha bowls, add it to your salads or roll them into sushi rolls. I mix up the different varieties but I currently have the tri-coloured quinoa.



Almonds –  I refuse to buy almond milk in stores and instead make it myself. Although it is slightly more effort, I appreciate not consuming all the additional preservatives or unnecessary additives and thickeners such as carrageenan that you commonly find in store bought almond milk. Therefore it is crucial to always have almonds in my pantry.

Cashews – Great for a quick snack, topping, or nut milk. It is also fantastic as a thickener, making everything creamier, for example making an alfredo sauce, mac&’cheese’, raw cheesecake, etc.

Pumpkin Seeds – If I had to choose one nut/seed it would be pumpkin seeds. It’s just soooooo good. I love just having a handful to munch on. If you want to get creative, try making pumpkin seed milk instead of your typical nut milk.

Chia Seeds – Two words: chia pudding. Have you tried it? It’s amazing. Such a great filling and delicious breakfast. Otherwise use it to thicken up your smoothies, as a topping to pretty up your creations, or just add it anything to give you that extra fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and so many other nutritional benefits.

Flax Seeds – Flax seeds also give great nutritional benefits including fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. I currently have a big bag of ground flax seeds which I love rolling my raw cookie bites into, or just add in a teaspoon into smoothies, sauces, or dressings!



Cacao Powder – Instantly turn anything chocolately with raw cacao powder. If you are not a fan of it due to it’s bitter taste, try carob powder which is similar but slightly sweeter and creamier in taste if that makes any sense.

Cacao Nibs – I love adding cacao nibs on top of my oatmeal, banana ice cream, cakes, cookies… not only for that extra crunch and texture but it just takes the appearance up another level! Again, it is slightly bitter but I personally love it.

Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas – I don’t consume a lot of legumes but I love having garbanzo beans on hand so I can soak/sprout them in preparation to make hummus or ‘meat’balls. Again I like to buy raw, unprocessed garbanzo beans rather than the canned ones. Yes it requires more effort to have to soak them overnight and then do some extra prep, but it’s nice to be able to soak/sprout them to make it easier to digest.

Medjool Dates – I love adding dates to anything that requires a sweetener. For example add it dressings, dips, sweets, other baked goods… you name it. It literally is nature’s candy. Definitely my favourite sweetener to add to any recipe.

Shredded Coconut / Coconut Flakes – I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, but I do enjoy it in small amounts, such as sprinkled over top my oats or porridge, on top of my banana ice cream, rolled in cookie ball bites. It gives it that tropical taste and makes your food look so pretty!


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