My Top Smoothie Bars in Vancouver

I recently wrote a post about my top JUICE bars in Vancouver, I am back with my top SMOOTHIE bars in Vancouver! Again, there are probably even more places you can get smoothies around the city but here are some of my favourites. Keep in mind my favourite juice bars also offer smoothies which are delicious but I wanted to provide a list of different places.



Technically it’s in North Vancouver, but it is such a gem! Located in Lower Lonsdale area, they have a large variety of smoothies that are all vegan, organic, raw, and gluten free. They also offer many other delicious food and treats. So if you are ever on the north shore go check this cute little place out. I love coming here after a good hike!

  • Favourite Smoothie: Tall Totem
    • sprouted almond mylk, raw cocoa, hemp protein, maca, banana and dates



Another adorable cafe that offers organic, gluten and dairy free smoothies. Although their smoothie menu is not extensive, they offer the option of water kefir in the smoothies rather than the common nut mylk. This alone is definitely worth the visit! The Green Moustache actually started in Whistler, but have made their way to the west side of Vancouver, close to Jericho Beach!

  • Favourite Smoothie: Magnum
    • almond mylk OR water kefir, kale, romaine, banana, orange, spirulina and maca



Yes they are technically more of a juice place, however they do offer some great smoothie options as well. Located in Vancouver-Fairview area, they recently just renovated the storefront and now it is more beautiful than ever! Did I mention their smoothies are 24 ounces? Yup, so go grab a delicious smoothie packed full of nutritious goodness; it will definitely fill you up.

  • Favourite Smoothie: Berry Bananarama
    • strawberry, banana, vanilla vega protein & greens, almond mylk and organic vanilla bean



Such a unique little cafe in downtown Vancouver. They offer a variety of beverages, including smoothies and shakes that are all gluten-free and vegan. It is actually quite surprising there are not more little places like this located in the downtown core, but that just proves how special this place is! One more thing about this cafe is that they offer vegan Ukrainian food! Yup, told you this place was special!

  • Favourite Smoothie: Green Monster
    • seasonal greens, banana, pineapple, lime and mint



For those who are in the situation where they are grocery shopping while hungry… Whole Foods offer a wide range of different smoothies that are super delicious. With locations in Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Downtown Robson, West Vancouver, and Burnaby; you are bound to find a location that is convenient for you.

  • Favourite Smoothie: The Nutter
    • almond mylk, banana, dates, almond butter, and cacao powder


As mentioned, this is just a small and select few of many places you can get smoothies. One thing I do appreciate and look for, are places that focus on fresh, whole and as locally and organically sourced ingredients as possible. As I continue to make my way throughout the city I hope I continue to find cute little gems in each neighbourhood! Do you have a favourite place for smoothies?

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