Rest. Relax. Recover.

Hello my friends, if you noticed I did not post last week. This is because I decided to take some time off and go on a short little trip. Although it was only for a few days, I did not want to put that stress and pressure on myself on having to upload a blog post… which brings […]

My Top Smoothie Bars in Vancouver

I recently wrote a post about my top JUICE bars in Vancouver, I am back with my top SMOOTHIE bars in Vancouver! Again, there are probably even more places you can get smoothies around the city but here are some of my favourites. Keep in mind my favourite juice bars also offer smoothies which are […]

What about protein?

Probably one of the top questions I get asked all the time: Where do you get your protein from?  I’m going to share with you something that may be a shock to you… Fruits and vegetables have protein in them! Mind blown? You’re welcome. We will get into the food sources in a little bit […]