My Top Juice Bars in Vancouver

Here are just a few of the many, and do mean many places in Vancouver that you can get your hands on a refreshing juice. There are still many places I have yet to try but here are my favourites thus far. All of the following focus mainly on juices, offering both cold-pressed juices AND juice cleanses. I have written a whole post all about juice cleanses so take a read HERE if you are interested.


Two locations: one in the heart of Kitsilano, and the other in Olympic Village. They offer certified organic, cold-pressed juices, with 1,3,5, and 7-day glory juice and green juice cleanses. Their numbered juices make it super easy to remember and quick to grab on the go ;).

  • Favourite Fruit Juice: #5 (Apple Lemon Ginger)
  • Favourite Green Juice: #2 (Apple, Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon)



Located near Waterfront, Melu is a great option for those working in the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. Offering 8 different cold-pressed juices in beautiful glass jars, as well as 1,3, and 5-day cleanses. The cleanses include not only juices but also detox waters and nut mylks, with a total of 6 per day. They also offer super green juice cleanses as well.

  • Favourite Fruit Juice: Cold Fighter
  • Favourite Green Juice: The Hulk



Purchase their juices online through Spud or in stores at Be Fresh located in Kitsilano, Main St, and downtown. They offer local Canadian, certified organic and GMO free, cold-pressed juices, with two different 1-day all juice cleanses (a total of 7 juices). What I really appreciate is that all their products only traveled 1 km to reach the warehouse! Super cool.

  • Favourite Fruit Juice: Watermelon
  • Favourite Green Juice: Light Green



They have one storefront cafe located in Olympic Village, as well as a truck and a smoothie cart located downtown. They offer cold-pressed juices with 1,3,5,7-day and build your own juice cleanses. The multiple day cleanses contains 6 juices, a nut and seed milk for each day, a probiotic to take on your last cleanse day as well as chia seeds to add into your juice.

  • Favourite Fruit Juice: Kickstarter OR Skin Deep (love them both)
  • Favourite Green Juice: Aloe Green



They have four different locations: Kitsilano, Main St, and two in North Vancouver. They offer organic, cold-pressed juices with 1,3, and 5-day juice cleanses, as well as other special programs such as a high performance juice program. If you bring your glass bottles back you get a discount on your next purchase!

  • Favourite Fruit Juice: Morning, Sunshine
  • Favourite Green Juice: The Original


I’m sure I’ll slowly, but surely continue to add to this list as I make my way through the city. In the meantime, for my fellow Vancouverites I hope it’s been helpful! Otherwise, if you ever come visit Vancouver and want some delicious cold-pressed juices please go check these places out! They are fantastic.



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