Hello 2017!

I still cannot believe it is 2017. How did this even happen. From saying that already brings many things I want to do and achieve this year. I’m not a huge new year’s resolutions type of person but I do believe in creating and working towards goals.

So in this post, I’m going to share general things that I want to work on this year and hopefully you can also incorporate these into your goals for the year as well and together we can strive to be better. Just a heads up, these are very general and not at all very SMART… definitely not taking my own advice am I. But, I made them general so you can gain inspiration from them as well.

The themes for 2017 is SELF LOVE and to SHARE THE LOVE. It is such an important thing that many people forget and do not set aside for. Self love is quite subjective and means different things for each person. However, I would like for us to turn towards a more holistic way of thinking in terms of self love. Yes, it may be treating ourselves to something special such as a nice spa day, or a cheeky little dessert once in a while. Yes, all that is important. However I would like us to work towards practicing self love so that it is incorporated into our lifestyle on a day-to-day basis. Trust me, it is easier said than done. Working on self love is not easy by all means. It may sound simple but it is not. With the immense amount of distractions and stresses that come into our lives on a daily basis, taking care of ourselves is easily put on the back burner, until we are burnt out, feeling awful, and ultimately succumb to sickness, on whatever scale that may present itself. Whatever stage you are in life and whatever you may be going through, everyone can work on self love. Working on not only continuing to improve yourself, but to take a moment to stop, to recognize and to really listen to your body. It is crucial to recover, to heal and to give yourself some love!

  • Incorporate more positivity.
    There are many ways we can make sure we do this. I have heard of various things such as wearing a rubber band on your wrist and whenever you have a negative thought, to literally snap/flick your wrist with the rubber band. A simple conditioning to incorporate more positive thoughts throughout your day. Sooner or later you will be more conscious when you have negative thoughts and are able to stop and modify those thoughts, or reflect and question on why you have negativity.
    More specifically, incorporating positivity can be to write positive affirmations and stick them on the mirror, have them as backgrounds on your phone or computer, or just stick them on sticky notes around the house, in your office, in the car, etc. If you live with family, friends or significant others, it may be just the thing to help improve their day and give them that little positive boost. So you’ll not only be helping yourself but also giving them encouragement as well.
    Another very simple thing is just to smile. Whenever you look at the mirror when you are washing your hands, look at yourself and smile and say something positive. It may seem silly but just try it, you never know.
  • Take time strictly for yourself.
    And no, this does not mean taking an hour for yourself to watch Netflix. Instead I am referring to unplugging everything and just taking time with you and your thoughts. This may be taking a bath, this may be meditating, this may be doing some yoga or stretching, this may be reading a book or may be journaling. Turn everything off, give your eyes a rest from all the screens and give your body time to recover and a break. It is the least we can do for everything we put our bodies through. It is a time to relax, to reflect and to breathe.
    I really love taking 15-20 minutes before bed to stretch, to foam roll and do some light yoga. It is quite amazing how much it helps me go to sleep because I’m not thinking about anything else other than on the stretch and focusing on my breathing which we do not engage in as much as we should. Something I do want to incorporate more of is meditation. It’s such a powerful tool that we do not practice enough of.
  • Share your passions.
    My journey since becoming vegan has strictly been on improving myself and continuing to grow into the best person I can be. Now that I have somewhat of a better grasp on it, I would love to be able to share what I have learned, hence one reason why I wanted to create this website and blog. This year, I want to continue to share and to help others in any way I can. It is time for me to give back.
    One thing I would like to do more of is to create and make more food for not only myself but to share it with others. For example, instead of just making dinner for one, I make enough to share with the entire family. Or instead of meeting friends for dinner or going out for meals, have more potlucks or go to each other’s place and cook a meal together. This will allow me to continue to branch out of my comfort zone, be creative and try new recipes.
    Beyond food, I love to exercise and work out, as a result this past Christmas I gifted a few family and friends with exercise classes so that we can go together. Hanging out with friends doesn’t always have to involve going out for a meal, there are so many other things that you can do together that is fun, different and will be beneficial for our well-being. For example, going on walks along the seawall/beach/park, going on a hike, taking an exercise class together and trying different types of exercises; there are nearly endless possibilities, get creative and try something new.
    No matter what your passion may be, you can always share it with others. Sharing is caring, and can be definitely way more fun.
  • Learn when to say no, and have a better work-life balance.
    This is definitely something I struggle with, when I do something I don’t do it half-assed. Therefore, I sometimes may end up in over my head and taking on too much. One reason is because I just hate saying no people, because I just feel bad and slightly guilty. We shouldn’t feel guilty though! Sometimes we just need to learn to say no because saying yes may be more detrimental than saying no. We have to weigh the pros and cons and how it may affect our well-being and happiness. If it ultimately increases stress levels, is it worth it in the end? I don’t think so.
    This year I really want to spend more quality time with friends and family. Even though everyone has busy schedules, if effort is put in, finding a time to meet up really should not be difficult.

What are some of your goals or resolutions this year, and how are you actively trying to achieve them? It is one thing to write them down, but another to actually do it. No matter what your goals are, I urge you to incorporate self-love in whatever form that bests suits you. It is worth it, because we are worth it.

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