Gift Giving Guide

Alright, to begin I just want to say I have slowly transitioned to have a more minimalist mindset and continue to incorporate minimalism into my life. We do not need much at all to live life and be happy, to be fulfilled, to be healthy, to thrive and be optimal. At the same time we also need a balance. All I wish is for you to be conscious and aware of your habits, how you live you life, your perspectives and views, your purpose, and continue to strive to be better and do better. Additionally, everyone has their own perspective so try to be more open-minded, understanding, and continue to educate yourself.

So here is a cheeky little gift giving guide for those eco-friendly, health conscious, sustainable plant-based earthlings out there who want to do our best to leave a small footprint and continue to improve and do better… or if you are buying a gift for someone like that. I am still learning so much about this whole world within the community, so if you have any suggestions of companies, brands, etc please let me know! Also not everything listed below is 100% vegan per se but everything does promote and support living a healthy and more conscious lifestyle.

Without further ado, here is a non-exhaustive list of gifts separated into various categories and price points.

ON A BUDGET (around $15 and under)

Books – It’s kinda hard to go too wrong with books… well for the most part. I have listed a variety of books that I personally own and thoroughly enjoy; from cookbooks to colouring books to books that could help you de-stress, change your mindset and even help change your life.

The Fully Raw Diet – By Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Deliciously Ella: 100+ Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Based, Gluten Free Recipes – By Ella Woodward

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – By Marie Kondo

Mystical Mandala Coloring Book – By Alberta Hutchinson

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Adventure Coloring Book – By Johanna Bamford

Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding your True Purpose – By Gabrielle Bernstein


Dry Skin Brushing Brush – What I love about this particular brush is that it is 100% vegan! Most bristles are made of real animal fur NOT COOL! Dry skin brushing is one great way for getting your lymphatic system moving and working optimally! It helps with detoxifying the body, physically exfoliating the skin, while giving you a light massage.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with specific cruelty-free beauty brands,  HOWEVER I will link you to a very thorough and detailed post on a complete list! Go read it here! Here is another blog post of a list of vegan brands.Check them out!

MID RANGE ($15-$50)


The Hungry Elephant – Some of the cutest jewelry pieces I have seen. Please go check out their site and the bracelets and necklaces they offer. So incredibly in love with the necklace I have. I rarely wear any jewelry anymore but if I do, the Hungry Elephant necklace is definitely a must.


Vegetable Spiralizer – What I use to make my zoodles/zucchini noodles! Use it to make other veggie noodles such as carrots, beets, jicama, potatoes, etc. Definitely recommend this fun kitchen tool.

Glass Water Bottle – Although it is much heavier than your typical plastic water bottle. I use my life factory bottle not just for water but for smoothies and juices. Additionally, because it is made of glass, it can hold hot beverages as well. Not only is it BPA free but it is super cute, sturdy and will not leak! There are also various lid options such as the flip cap, straw cap and the original flat cap.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – I personally do not have this YET, but I do plan on getting it asap. I mean first, it’s beautiful and will look stunning on any desk or bedside table. Second salt lamps emit negative ions into the air which can help purify the surrounding air.

HIGH END (above $50)


Vaute – I am honoured to personally know the founder Leanne. This high-end vegan fashion brand offers a variety of apparel from warm winter jackets and coats, to amazing swim wear and everything else in between. I own the animal lover sweater which I love so, so much.

Matt and Nat – A 100% vegan leather company that offers a variety of gorgeous bags, wallets and now shoes! I personally have been eyeing the beautiful Mumbai backpack.


Activity Tracker – I have the Fitbit Charge HR and I absolutely love it. I’ve had it for a few years now and although I now have a long-term tan on my wrist it is totally worth it. Not only are you able to hold yourself accountable and track your progress but you can also join challenges with your friends which is a huge motivator and is super fun. The one I own is the older version, the newer one can be found here.

High-speed blender – My vitamix is probably something I use daily. Whether it is to make smoothies, sauces, or nice cream. It is so versatile and powerful and I just love it so much. There are many other high-speed blenders out there, I know the Ninja is a good one as well. Additionally you can also look into food processors. I do not own one but I find that my vitamix can work like a food processor.


Gift Cards – I personally love getting gift cards, yes it may not seem as thoughtful but some people are just impossible to shop for. Even with gift cards you can be creative. Try to find a place they wouldn’t expect. Enough with the Starbucks gift cards people, branch out! Go to a local juice or health bar, get them a gift card to a boutique fitness center offering different exercise classes and go take a class together, buy tickets to a special unique event such as a holiday market and offer to purchase something from there.

Priceless Gifts – Of course there are those priceless gifts that are thoughtful, creative and can be very personal and touching. In the past, I’ve created scrapbooks and videos, sewn gifts, and of course made and prepared meals or given treats. I mean we all gotta eat right? I can think of no better way to introduce or expose people to the plant-based vegan lifestyle than to put in the effort and make them food you eat. Sharing is caring ;). I personally like to think outside the box and not go with the norm because that can get old and slightly boring no offence…

It really depends on the person you are buying for, maybe they are a huge tea drinker, find a local organic fair trade tea company and purchase them a gift set. If they are always on the go, create a basket full of vegan snacks, treats and other goodies. Or if they not materialistic, take them ice skating or up to a local mountain (if you are able to of course), or take them on a day trip where you can share lovely memories together.

Again, this is a non-exhaustive list. Almost everything I have listed here I personally own and would not recommend if I did not love it. If you have any questions, additional suggestions, or need some help let me know and we can definitely bounce ideas off one another.

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