Introducing: THE FOOD SERIES

I am beyond excited to start a new series on my blog. Every week I will highlight and showcase one specific food, whether it is a fruit, vegetable, grain, nut or seed. I will discuss a little bit of the background, what the food is, what it looks or tastes like, where it can be found, its nutritional properties, and lastly I will share my favourite ways of consuming that particular food. Perhaps I will also throw in fun facts and links to recipes in there as well. We shall see where this goes. Regardless it’s going to be super interesting, super fun and together, we are going to learn so much!

The order of foods will be random and will depend entirely on what I feel like talking about. However, if there is a specific food you would like to know more about please let me know and I will be happy to make that my next post the following week. (I would prefer only vegan requests, please and thanks :P)

Get ready, the first official food series post will be up tomorrow. Any guesses as to what it will be?


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