Is there anything that I miss eating since being a vegan?

  • I honestly do not miss anything in particular. Sometimes I think about how much easier and simpler it would be to be able to just go anywhere and eat anything , but then I go back to thinking about the animals and the consequences of animal use and consumption. Not only is there suffering of animals, but the detrimental implications to the environment and to our own health. I mean the facts are there, most people are either naive, in denial or simply uneducated.

Do I get any cravings?

  • I find that when I have consumed enough I do not get any cravings because I am satisfied. Our bodies are so incredibly smart and it knows best when we have had enough or if we may need to consume more nutrients or calories. It is about learning to be mindful and listening to our bodies.
  • When I am undercarbed, that is an entirely different story. I would want to reach for more ‘unhealthy’, potentially more processed foods. However I find that when I am undercarbed, eating some fruit most often is the best solution as it is easily digested and immediately becomes the fuel that I need to keep going.


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