A lifestyle full of abundance

I get asked a lot of questions asking me what I eat. You would be happy to learn that no I do not just eat lettuce. People think this lifestyle is extremely restrictive and limited. I mean don’t get me wrong, every ‘diet’ can be extremely limiting and restrictive. It all depends on the individual and the varying differences on their needs.

The lifestyle that I live is honestly full of abundance. It is full of a variety of colours, textures and tastes. I eat primarily raw, especially in the spring and summer months, eating mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. There really is no raw fruit or vegetable that I don’t eat.

I hope that all that I share through my posts and videos can show you that I eat more than just lettuce and that it is far from restrictive. I eat as much as I desire with no limitations. I mean who wouldn’t want that?

For example a typical what I eat in a day:

Breakfast: Fruit, fruit and more fruit. My favourite things to eat in the morning are super hydrating and light fruits such as melons like watermelon and cantaloupe, or other fruits such as oranges or kiwi. I also love starting my mornings with a juice of some sort.

Lunch: When I am eating high raw or fully raw, lunch would consist of more fruit. Either a fruit bowl with a variety of fruits, or simply a big bowl of berries would satisfy me, especially in the summer when berries are in season and are super sweet and delicious. Otherwise I love eating banana ice cream, or drinking smoothies. When I am not eating as high raw, I would often eat pancakes or oatmeal.

Dinner: I love salads. The more colours the better. People think salads are boring, but I can’t go a day without at least a bowl of salad. They key I think is changing up the ingredients and textures. The dressing is also important. My favourite is probably a mango tomato avocado dressing. If I want something warm and cooked, my favourite thing is probably sweet potatoes. I would either bake them or cook them with a bunch of veggies, herbs and seasoning.

Snacks:  This should be no surprise, but fruit! Bananas are always a quick and easy snack to bring with you on the go and to fill you up. Otherwise dates or figs are also good. If I feel like consuming a bit more fats, I would munch on some raw nuts and seeds. I also love bunching on dehydrated fruits as well, such as banana or apple chips. When I am not eating raw, I find I don’t tend to snack at all and that eating 3 times a day is sufficient.

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