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My Cryotherapy Experience

My Cryotherapy Experience

October 13, 2017

WHAT IS CRYOTHERAPY? It is a form of cold, whole body medical therapy, similar to an ice bath. However, instead of using water it involves liquid nitrogen that is released into a chamber. From your neck down, your body is exposed to very low, sub zero temperatures up to around -140 to -170ºC. The idea […]



October 6, 2017

On Tuesday, my website will be one year old! What a year it has been! Because it is such an exciting time, I decided to give my site a little revamp, a cheeky little makeover and I love it. It’s not perfect, but what is perfect? If you haven’t not seen it yet, go check  […]



September 29, 2017

Nature’s candy at its best. Anyone else like to eat them by the bowl? No? Just me? DESCRIPTION: There are more than 1500 varieties of dates that are grown around the world. Medjool dates are among the most popular as they are large, caramel-like, soft in texture, rich in flavour and the sweetest as well. […]


Live life to be the best version of yourself.
Live life to inspire and be inspired.
Live life to thrive, be happy and be vegan.


I was on the path towards being put on drugs and medication. Pauline showed me that I was able to prevent this through small and realistic changes in my diet and lifestyle. I cannot thank her enough!


Pauline was born to teach others not only about nutrition, but the importance of various lifestyle changes to reach a healthier and optimal self. She shows her passion and determination in every single consult and meeting which can encourage and motivate clients to ultimately reach their goals. 


When you move to another country, it is hard to find the food that makes you feel at home and healthy at the same time. Pauline surely made this possible for me.